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Finding someone to create a proper web design can be challenging and even hard to find someone you trust. That is where we come in. As a local Kamloops Website Design Company, Adroit Technologies will be there with you each step of the way to help you through the process. If you have a website designed or our looking for a new website to be developed we use several approaches that will take your website to the next level!

Kamloops Website Design Strategy!

Have you ever had to deal with a company that seems to says they know the answer to the question but don’t actually have the solution for you. As a web design company our primary goal is to keep our clients involved keeping them informed the throughout the entire development phase. Below you can find our plan we use to achieve this.

  • In person consultations to discuss your web design requirements. No more talking to a robot on a website.
  • Establishing a prototype to give you an understanding as what you web design will look like.
  • Constant communication to help keep you updated on the website design progress.
  • Constant site testing to ensure nothing goes wrong with your site.
  • Regular website maintenance to ensure that your website design stays on top of the competition.

Web Design Pricing

As a local Kamloops web design company we create professional grade websites that meet industry standards.  There are tons so called ‘Design your own Website’ companies out there that only cost a few hundred dollars. These “site builders” may seem promising at first but you usually end up getting what you paid for. This being poor website content and poor website structure. The list of issues goes on causing you to dish out more money then planned just to get the website launched. Having developed hundreds of client websites we have dealt with this issue of having to go in and fix someone else’s poor design far to many times. Unless you are extremely tech savvy, avoid taking shortcuts as it may you may end up taking a longer more expensive path.

We understand that we aren’t the lowest priced web design company out there. Despite this, we are able to work with you to manage a proper budget for a website that look great, work properly, and give your business a strong return on investment.

However, if you are tight on a budget we offer a $1000 website option.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing Plan

In today’s society with vast improvements you always hear about SEO and why is it important. Although everyone hears about this most don’t know how to properly implement it. This is where we come in.
kamloops web design - kamloops website design

As a Kamloops website design company, implementing SEO into our clients website design is a standard for us. Doing this helps boost your web design to the top of the Google search results. Incorporating this into a website is crucial and having a poor design may result in Google flagging your web site. This in turn, drastically decreases the amount of traffic your website receives resulting in your company losing valuable business. To ensure this doesn’t happen we:

  • Target select keywords that people search to optimize your web designs page rank.
  • Develop a website structure that won’t get flagged by Google.
  • Constantly manage and update your websites design to follow Google standards.
  • Updating content to keep up with Google’s page rank algorithm.

SEO produces the best return on investment, boosts your website design online visibility, resulting in more business created. Being a local website design company, we ensure that we are using the best tools to manage your website.


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