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In the 20th century you hear the terms “web hosting” and “domain names” thrown around all the time. Although people use these terms a lot, most don’t know what they mean. Don’t worry though, as a Kamloops web hosting provider, we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

kamloops web hosting - kamloops website hosting

What is Web Hosting?

The process of putting your website onto the internet may seem complicated but is actually fairly straight forward. A real life example of his would be renting out a apartment. This apartment gives you an address and a physical space where people can come and visit you. This address would be act as your domain name (find more about domains here) and the physical space would be your “web hosting”. However, since you are renting out the space you don’t technically own it. With this in mind, web hosting is the process of renting out storage space on web server so people can view your website.

Do you even need Web Hosting?

Unfortunately, if you would like to have a website that is your own you need some form of web hosting. If you are technically savvy then creating you own server to host your website is possible, but for most people this isn’t an option. That is why there are website hosting companies like us. Having someone manage your hosting is beneficial and rather inexpensive (as little as $1 / day).

  • Ongoing support: Have an issue with your domain, give us a call and someone will answer the phone.
  • Daily Backups: Fear of losing your website, we backup our web hosting clients websites daily.
  • You have control: We provide access to your hosting at anytime.

If you are serious about building your website, go with someone that you can trust that won’t turn off your hosting with the flick of a button! Losing your web host can cost your business money and look unprofessional if people have no way of accessing your website.

Other Benefits of Kamloops Web Hosting

SSL Certificates

If you do decide to choose us as your Kamloops web hosting provider we include a SSL certificate (more info about SSL) for all of our clients. Having SSL included gives your websites users a sense of trust knowing that any data sent across the web will be encrypted to hackers cannot access their information.

Managed Email Accounts

Does your business email look something like Having your business email end in something like or can look unprofessional and deter clients from using your service. With our hosting services we include custom email addresses that are fully managed and professional. Examples of this include: or Don’t lose out on business by looking unprofessional.

Below you can find the pricing we offer for a web hosting packages. If you are unsure as to what you need for your website feel free to fill out a web development form or give us a call and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have about your website hosting!

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