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Website & Email Hosting

Website Hosting

Adroit Technologies offers fully managed packages for website hosting, with Enterprise Level packages for as little as $1 /day! 

Fully managed means if there is something wrong with your site, just give us a call – don’t spend your valuable time fiddling with a control panel, let the experts fix it! This professional support is built into the cost, and is available Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM, with very little wait times expected. 

**In some cases people install PlugIns or make changes resulting in their site going down. If this happens, contact us and we will get you back up and running! Our professionals will first try and recover your website in it’s current state, but if worse comes to worse, we can restore it from one of our Enterprise level backups. Hosting packages include support related to CMS (WordPress) and/or PlugIn issues only. Changes to website content and/or pages may result in additional charges. Also, if the issue is deemed to be outside of our control, an hourly-rate charge may be applied.**

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