Since we started our business 6.5 years ago, we are on our third IT company. We are extremely demanding when it comes to website, e-mail hosting & service level expectations. Well, thank goodness we had the presence of mind to leave the first two companies in search of something better because we found it at Adroit Technologies! They offer an exceptional customer service experience. Believe it or not, a human, not a machine, answers the phone when you call them and they respond to e-mails in a timely manner. We feel so lucky to finally have a company that listens to & addresses our needs. Their solutions & suggestions have been right on the mark and not only have Kris and his team got our office network & computer systems running perfectly, they are helping us grow our business with expert social media campaigns & by increasing our online presence. They have delivered everything promised & more! We could go on and on but in the end it comes down to this: we are extremely happy we’ve taken out IT business to Adroit Technologies and we highly recommend them to other businesses!

Darren & Sue Arndt, Adasak Mechanical, Owners