In today’s world the willingness to embrace and adapt to new technology trends can make or break a company’s shot at success. The ability to predict what the next trends are can be difficult, I mean even social media was just an idea at one point! Though creating the next Facebook seems unlikely for the average small business, there are many emerging trends that are much simpler and can be just as effective for your business. The trends are as follows:

Virtual Offices

It’s important to note that employees in this day and age no longer work in the same ways as previous generations. Having the ability to work remotely is important to a lot of younger professionals because of the convenience. Younger workers value their time and prioritizing a work-life balance is important to many of them. As new technology and practices begin to emerge, the need for “real” offices is lessening. Companies who adopt remote workspaces have the potential to attract a new generation of workers, while saving significantly on the overhead that comes with a physical office.2

Strategic Partnerships

In today’s world it’s nearly impossible to work within the confines of your team only and achieve high levels of success. Businesses are now partnering with publishers, platforms, writers, online influencers etc. to push their products and services. The key to all of this is connecting with consumers across the digital ecosystem. Building and maintaining these strategic partnerships can be a major key to success.

Original Content

Showing your customers that your values as a business align with theirs has always been key to creating brand loyalty. So in this age of technology, how does one do this? The answer is high quality content that is relevant and ideally original. The businesses who have embraced content creation as a part of their model are considered to be more valuable to their consumers. The most valuable aspect of this is that content also doubles as an SEO tool and generates an increase in brand awareness. So get out there, be that business that inserts themselves into their customer’s lives via valuable content, you will not be disappointed.

Live Videos

Live video options have been appearing across multiple platforms (i.e. Facebook Live), and the Internet is jumping on board! Most professionals have already figured out video in its traditional form, but live streaming allows people to be right there – as the action is happening. Sharing live videos reflects positively on a company, and gives more authenticity to the content as it is typically less polished and more “real.” Most of the platforms also allow for viewer interaction as the stream is happening, providing the opportunity for the customers viewing to become brand ambassadors

Utilization of Mobile Ads

From 2015 to 2017 mobile usage has exceeded that of desktop or laptop computers. As a result, ad spends on mobile are expected to surpass desktop ad spends for the first time in 2017. In order to reach your customers the right way, it’s recommended that small business owners take note and switch focus onto mobile advertising moving forward.

Consistency Among Platforms

With so many platforms being used to reach consumers (website, search engines, social media etc.), small businesses need to be sure that their messaging and branding are consistent and positive in each place. For example, if a customer is on your Facebook page and clicks the link to your website, both should have the same look and message – the switching among company profiles should be seamless. Remember, every customer touchpoint matters. No matter which platform.