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Whether it’s through Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords, Adroit Technologies can create and run valuable remarketing campaigns for clients, targeting customers who have already shown interest in the brand, product or service.

For both Facebook & Google we start by retrieving the remarketing pixel and determining the online events that best reflect the campaign’s objective, which is discussed  & determined during the strategic planning session conducted with every client. As with our other advertising services, we then create ad proofs (both the creative & messaging) for the client’s approval. Once approved, we target & optimize the ads to ensure placement, budget & scheduling is all set to garner the best possible results. During this time we also create custom audiences for the ads; these audiences consist of the customers (and prospecting) who have already show interest in the brand by visiting the website. The campaigns are then monitored & managed daily to ensure they remain optimized for conversions.

Like with all digital advertising, remarketing ads must direct to a specific “landing page” on the brand’s website. Since remarketing campaigns are typically very specific to one area of the brand or one time-frame (i.e. end of year sale), we offer optional landing page creation for a cost. These are designed to be a single, stand-alone page that are added to the brand’s website for the specific purpose of the ad campaign.

Since we see value in results, we offer optional result reports for each campaign / ad run at no cost. We can also generate customized reports for an additional charge /campaign or ad run.

** Instagram advertising integration available for Facebook remarketing campaigns 

** Note that independent budgets are required for remarketing campaigns

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