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Managed Drip Campaigns

What is a Drip Campaign?

For client’s new to the email marketing world, a drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to keep current customers engaged & acquire new customers. It involves sending marketing information to customers (and prospects) on a schedule over longer periods of time in order to nurture current customers and prospecting leads through the marketing funnel. Drip campaigns usually have an end goal and are often executed with pre-written content provided by the client.

Step one with our clients is determining the drip campaign’s end goal (some examples include bringing in more prospects into your funnel, bringing older leads back into the funnel/pipeline or repeatedly exposing your audience to a specific product/service). Once we have the objective determined we plan content & finalize the schedule.

Our drop campaigns are fully managed, meaning we take care of setting up the automatic sending-intervals & inputting the client’s content into each email (We also offer newsletter content creation for clients who don’t have writers staffed). Our service includes up to 5 emails /campaign (with additional email drips available) & includes one trigger or action to initiate the campaign.

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