As a small business researching your target audience extensively can be the key to selling your product or service. However, depending on the tactic you implement, generating these types of leads can be very costly. Enter us:

Thanks to the wonderful world wide web and the plethora of social media platforms, we have discovered 9 tips you can use to generate leads for your business more easily.

  1. Make key connections: it may sound easier said than done, but researching individuals and/or organizations that have large followings and influence online (in the context of your industry) and attempting to create a relationship with them can be super beneficial to you and your efforts. Partnerships like this, even in a casual way, can result in possible traffic to your own platforms or website. The goal is to have the eventual referral traffic from the websites help you generate more relevant, quality leads.
  1. Always remember that content is king: this may be something you hear a lot, but it really can’t be said enough. You need to be posting interesting and engaging content across all channels to get and keep the attention of your target audience, and hold it long enough for them to feel inclined to pay for your product or service. If you are able to create and share content that is genuinely useful for your audience, you will be surprised how many leads result from your social media channels. Note: secondary to content is aesthetic. Be sure to create both a professional and creative page design to ensure you are grabbing the attention of your target audience, and impressing them enough to keep them engaged.
  1. Save yourself time to focus on what’s important: first it’s important to find out when and why certain times work for posting (http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/peteschauer/2015-07-19/what-are-best-times-post-facebook-infographic), now use the automation/scheduling tools offered by various platforms to pre-load your content to effectively distribute and market it on social media. Doing this may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many small businesses don’t take advantage of  this. Scheduling content will help you save time, time that can be used to put effort into generating more leads.
  1. Use a hashtag: again, I know this may seem obvious but many small businesses are not taking the time to choose and use appropriate hashtags on their social media channels. Search for trending hashtags related to your business or industry and post using these hashtags. This will hopefully drive more relevant traffic to your site, traffic made up of potential customers and leads.
  1. Get out of your comfort zone: never lose touch with your target audience, but also don’t be afraid to put your business in front of a different audience, possibly one made up of potential leads. A good way to test the waters is write a guest post for a business’ website; choose one whose followers may have interest in what your company does or better yet choose one with an already established following in order to drive quality traffic back to your site. When deciding which business remember that a larger subscriber list will most likely results in larger number of leads.
  1. Use your knowledge: education = engagement. It’s important to share the knowledge you have with prospects and potential leads, this will provide them with the affirmation needed to purchase your product or service.
  1. Be proactive: when getting yourself (or an employee) ready for an industry event it is so important to prepare, especially if the event will be hosting potential leads. Connect with participants, attendees and even speakers ahead of time on social media. Even doing things as simple as commenting on their blog or retweet is effective. When the event rolls around, these people will know who you are (or at least have an idea), making it easier to connect in person and secure potential leads.
  1. Be generous, but don’t give away too much for free: when one of your followers (or potential followers) poses a question on your social media channel be sure to answer it as thoroughly and accurately as possible, without sounding overly self-promotional. Educate people on your product or service without diminishing the chance of a sale, they will appreciate your efforts and eventually visit your site out of interest, giving you an opportunity to generate a lead and prompting them to make a purchase.
  1. Be unique: social media is full of businesses trying to push products and services, it becomes very stale very fast. A good way to avoid being looked over is to create a personality for your brand and company, having a distinct tone to your posting is so important when trying to get consumers to take your content seriously. The hope is that if they’re attracted to the content, they’ll then be attracted to your product or service.