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digital displays | digital signage With the dramatic increase in technology the demands for advertising have drastically changed. Instead of advertising on static billboards companies use dynamic strategies that can be adjusted to fit their marketing strategy. To achieve this we use devices that implement “digital displays” or “digital signage” into your Kamloops business. At first digital advertising may seem intimidating, but let us show you as to how it will benefit your business.

What are Digital Displays?

Digital signs uses everyday technologies like LCD and LED to display content such as images, video, and information. These displays can be seen mainly in public places to promote marketing and advertising.

Why is Digital Display?

When implementing a digital display/sign you want it to have a strong business value. With this is in mind there are many benefits to digital displays:

  • New Ads are inexpensive – compared to traditional signage changes to ads are far less expensive and more beneficial.
  • Increased User Experience – Digital Signage is more interactive and gives your customers something to do.
  • Run time Sensitive Ads – Fresh ads can be rolled out instantly since the display is connected to the internet.
  • Relevant Ads – Display different ads depending on the time of day.
  • Dynamic Ads – Video is far more engaging and allows you to grab your customers attention far better.

Digital Signage Management Process

When installing a digital sign into your business there are many factors that you may need to consider:

Display & Mounting Hardware

Do you have somewhere to put the digital sign. We can help you source and mount your display. However, all requirements can be different so a quick consultation will be required.

Device Setup

We will work with you to establish the policy that you would like applied. The policy sets the device functionality, such as restrictions and session timeouts.

Remotely Managed

Want us to manage your display and create advertisements for you at any time? By having connection through the internet this is possible.


Would you like dynamic advertising that gets changes depending on the time? Are you a restaurant that has a happy hour from 3-5 and would like your display showcasing that? Let us know if this would interest you

Content Creation

Want something unique? With the help of our designer team,  we can create anything that you could imagine.

Social Media

Have something form your Facebook or Instagram page that you would like to showcase. Digital Signage allows you to easily market your social media.

If you think Digital ads would benefit your business. Please fill out a marketing request form to get started


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