If you are considering Twitter as a marketing tool for your business, you’re probably wondering how often you should tweet.

Did you know, the life-cycle of a Tweet is only 18 minutes?

That’s the peak time for engagement and retweets, which doesn’t mean you won’t get any engagement past the 18-minute mark, but the frequency will slow.

But let’s jump back to the original question, how often should you post to Twitter?

There is a healthy balance between over-posting and driving your audience crazy, and under-posting and missing the opportunity for engagement. And, of course, every audience is different.

Thankfully there are mathematical equations to help you determine exactly what your perfect posting schedule looks like. Social Bakers used the equations below to conclude that the optimal number of Tweets per day is 3.  This is a general recommendation. Keep in mind that each industry and each audience is different.

Total Engagement Rate = ((total number of replies + retweets + favorites)/ the number of followers on the given day) x 100

Average Engagement Rate = ((total number of replies + retweets + favorites/ number of Tweets posted that day)/ number of followers on the given day) x 100

Once you’ve determined the right posting frequency for your Twitter marketing try experimenting with tweeting at different times of the day. Track the engagement each Tweet gets from the time of day it was posted and you will start to notice patterns and optimal times to Tweet!

If you are experiencing low engagement with your Tweets then you should consider what content you are posting. Content is the value your audience is waiting for, engagement is the result of providing them with great content! #ContentTip: Always include a photo, video or graphic with every Tweet.  According to research, Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement.