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Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords Management

Our Google AdWords services start with an account & initial campaign setup, from there we perform an information audit to ensure everything within the client’s account is correct. After that we have a strategic planning session with the client to finalize campaign and ad objectives (including determining conversion measurements). Since AdWords is keyword-driven, we conduct keyword research based on the client’s industry to determine the best-performing ones as well as the negative ones to flag.

After a client’s on-boarding process is complete and we have all the necessary information / content, we design the ad creative & messaging for the client’s approval. The next step is to target & optimize the ad to ensure it performs the best it can. This step includes setting budgets, determining a schedule for when the ad is served as well as confirming the ads are “healthy” in the eyes of Google.

Once the Google campaign us running, we focus on the management of the ads as well as client’s account as a whole. Monitoring / management of the ads happens daily, with changes being made where we see room for performance improvement. We check budget balances daily as well, topping-up ad credits when campaign budgets become exhausted or pausing campaigns when it’s necessary to stop spending.

Since we see value in results, we offer optional result reports for each campaign / ad run at no cost. We can also generate customized reports for an additional charge /campaign or ad run.

** we require a client credit card to be used for ad credits’

** note: Google recommends at least $300 in monthly ad credits for first page ranking (industry dependent) 

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