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Every Facebook Advertising campaign begins with a strategic planning session with the client. From there, we take their vision & desired marketing objectives and produce ad creatives & messaging. Once approved by the client, we then target & optimize the campaign for ample results – we create custom audiences for your campaign so potential leads are never missed, determine the best daily schedule for the ads to avoid being served at irregular hours, and ensure the ad placements reflect the campaign’s (and brand’s) objectives. We can also easily integrate the ads onto Instagram for any client who is already present on the platform. Once a campaign is running (and for its entire run), we monitor the ads daily and manage them, making any changes we see necessary to ensure better performance. This monitoring includes the set budget, which is determined with the client during the strategic planning session.

Since we see value in results, we offer optional result reports for each campaign / ad run at no cost.

** we require a client credit card to be used for ad credits

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