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Promote your brand, business & initiatives in one of the places your client’s interact with you the most – your email signature!

With our managed email signature service we can automate client’s signature & banner updates, ensure consistent company wide signatures and connect clients to their email signature/banner through an easily downloadable app. We start with the initial creation of client signature(s), with other employees being able to be added easily upon request. Once the email signature is live, we can revise at any time or schedule predetermined changes. Some common changes requested are banner style, contact info, pictures, social media links & position title.

An additional service we offer are banner campaigns, which is the strategy of creating specialized marketing campaigns for your email signatures. Need to announce a company deal or news? Have a seasonal promotion coming up? Want an opportunity to upsell or drive traffic to new content? These are all perfect objectives for a banner campaign. As with all of our services, this is results driven and built-in analytics (including click-through) are available for you to use as you see fit.

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