Cybersecurity in Covid-19

To mark the October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Adroit is proud to present an article by our cybersecurity partner Secure IT Systems as they break down the changes to cybersecurity for business amid the changes brought on by Covide-19.

Covid-19 has changed everything about how we do business. In addition to the social distancing, an arsenal of sanitization, remote teams, and the rise of the video meetings, the pandemic is driving changes to both consumer and business behaviors, and the need for a cybersecurity plan.

In recent polls, it was found that 50% of enterprises were concerned about the inherently increased risk of cyber attacks due to the shift in work patterns alone. Whether you have an IT team or not, working with a cybersecurity MSP like Secure IT Systems who specializes in designing systems that work for your business takes the risk of losing you and your customers’ vulnerable information allowing you to focus on running your business.

Businesses are now more aware than ever that they must rapidly innovate to take advantage of cloud services and digital tools to emerge from the pandemic ahead of their competitors. This innovation, while a positive for any business, comes at a cost. As companies utilize more digital products, the risk and impact of potential cyber-attacks increase as well.

There are three main areas a business can take with their MSP to systematically approach their cybersecurity to secure their business from both market forces and cyber attacks:

As we head into a potential second shutdown of offices (or if you’re still dealing with the fallout of the first), employees and businesses are adapting to a new mode of working. To keep businesses running, they must secure remote access to necessary tools and collaboration services, step up, enforce the rise of anti-phishing efforts and strengthen business continuity across a fragmented workforce. Businesses need to establish a hyperaware cyber safety culture by providing resources to their workforce and managing access and monitoring activity on critical assets.

The next priority is securing end users, data, and overall brand. As the number of cybersecurity threats has increased, it becomes apparent how vital adequate security controls are for every organization. Utilizing a cybersecurity MSP will work with you to prioritize the right tools and processes to ensure your business is not open to attack and compromise. This is even more important for those businesses who work with sensitive customer information such as lawyers, accountants, or healthcare providers who have additional rules and regulations about the transmitting of data.

Long term, a cybersecurity MSP will work with you to work on a long term plan to support a potentially extended remote workforce, more business being done online, or the complete virtualization of your business to the cloud. This will include utilizing tools that will automate and improve remote users’ security, devices, and the extensive amount of data a company produces.

As COVID-19 continues to change businesses’ technology culture and infrastructure faster than any known event or phenomenon, the continual need for improvements to your cybersecurity becomes more pertinent. Hackers will continue to target our growing dependence on digital tools, and their methods will become more difficult to detect without the aid of digital tools. By utilizing a cybersecurity MSP, your business can safely operate in our new digital landscape – and avoid a business disaster.

Whether you’re looking for tech tips and tricks to utilize in your business, learn more about industry trends, or want to work with Secure IT Systems as your cybersecurity MSP give us a call now at 250-434-2316 to speak to one of our Cybersecurity experts.