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Chrome Box Kiosks

What are Chrome Box Kiosks

Chrome Box Kiosks are Managed, Secure, public access computers that you can run in your organization. The computers are completely locked down and provide a safe web browsing environment.

Remotely Managed

  • All settings that need to be configured are completed remotely.
  • Chrome Box Kiosks will come pre-configured for your environment.

Google Safe Search

  • Filter out explicit search results, images and videos.

Public Session Controls

  • Set session timeout limits and automatic idle logouts.

Software and Hardware Locked

  • Restrict the ability to install software or browser extensions.
  • Disable the ability plug-in any hardware to the device.

No History, No Saved Files, No Login

  • No passwords required to login
  • User is unable to save files to the hard drive.
  • All history is erased after every user session.

Device Policy Setup

We will work with you to establish the policy that you would like applied. The policy sets the device functionality, such as restrictions and session timeouts.

The device policy can be updated at any time.

Device Licensing

The licensing maintains the policies and new software updates. Licensing can be transferred to another device. License transfer fees may apply.

Kiosk Hardware

The price includes the Chrome Box, a Monitor ( 23” Minimum ), keyboard and mouse. They will come pre-configured and ready to go.
If you would like us to do the installation of the device on-site there may be an additional hourly fee.

Chrome Box Kiosks Pricing

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