Choosing the right social media channels for your business can be tricky.

On the one hand, you don’t want to invest time and resources into managing a platform presence that doesn’t feature your target market. On the other hand, having a properly branded presence on multiple social media channels is a key part of a good SEO strategy.

Let’s look at some of the factors in choosing your social media channels using Twitter as our example.

Pro: It’s a great tool for connecting with customers, particularly when it comes to customer service inquiries. Customers can quickly Tweet their questions to you (in 140 characters or less) and wait for an immediate reply.  

Con: If your customer demographic, or target audience, are not Twitter users no one will be connecting with you.

Pro: It’s a free tool for you to use.

Con: If you are spending time creating Tweets and no one is seeing them, is there really any point?

Pro: Twitter does offer an interest based advertising platform so you can reach your desired audience.

Con: Is advertising on Twitter going to provide the best ROI, especially if your desired audience isn’t on Twitter in the first place?

Pro: You can curate user-generated content.

Con: You will have to setup proper monitoring systems to find content you need efficiently.

Pro: You can use viral hashtags to share your message with an engaged audience. (Avoid spamming viral hashtags with unrelated content)

Con: Twitter is one of the busiest social media channels and Tweets quickly disappear in the flurry of the newsfeed.

Pro: Some marketers believe that when your website links are shared across social media (especially if they go viral) Google will consider that as a factor in your overall SEO. As well, some marketers believe that the more a link is shared the faster it will be indexed by Google.

In the end the decision of whether to use a new social media channel comes down to three factors.

1) Is your desired target audience using the channel?

2) Do you have the resources and expertise to manage the channel effectively?

3) Do you have the time to manage the channel, or the budget to have someone else manage it for you?

Few businesses have the resources to manage every social media channel available to them, or the budget to have someone else manage them, so you are likely going to find yourself picking and choosing the best ones to fit your goals.

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