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Technical Support and Troubleshooting

When things go wrong, Adroit Technologies (ATWS) is there to help you. We provide comprehensive services with the capability of both on-site computer support and off-site computer support. With our staff's wide range of knowledge, we have the ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and solve most issues on Microsoft Windows, Linux (any distribution) and Mac OSX operating systems.

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Adroit Technologies can provide the following services and more:

We have the ability to complete many of these tasks remotely from our office location in Kamloops, BC through the use of Remote Desktop support, via phone and also by email. Using the option best suited to your needs, we will provide a timely, comprehensive and professional solution to any problem you may encounter. We strive to create a highly personalized service to ensure your satisfaction!

Methods of Computer Support:

Adroit Technologies can provide you with a free price quote for any of the above services along with any other special requirements that you or your company desire. We support both Businesses and Residential clients. Contact us today!