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Designing, implementing and building networks is a specialty of Adroit Technologies. We will work closely with your company at your location to design a high quality, fast and reliable network to suit the needs of your company's infrastructure. From cable installation, switch and patch panel installation, router configuration and on-site server setup, we will cover your needs with our fully managed network setup services to ensure your success.

We can build custom networks to handle many SOHO/SMB/SME office requirements such as: file sharing services, centralized print servers, Samba setup and configuration, LDAP centralization, FTP servers, Web servers using the world recognized Apache software or Microsoft IIS, high-speed on-site NAS (network attached storage), On-site backup server configuration and other services!

Contact us today for a free price quote and let Adroit Technologies handle your networking and on-site server management to let you get back to what your company's work!