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Keyword stuffing and hiring shady websites to link back to your website is no longer a valid solution when trying to increase the rank of your web page. Google will actually flag your web page for doing this and your website will fall off google search results completely. Being a lead Kamloops SEO company, we ensure that this won’t happen to you. With an in-depth understanding of how Google search works, we can get your web page to the top. Just by Google searching ‘SEO Kamloops’ or ‘Kamloops SEO’ you can see that we have our site at the top. If we can achieve this, we will be able to achieve it for you.

What Does a Kamloops SEO Actually Do?

kamloops seo | seo kamloopsWhen you search a certain ‘keyword’  you might think that google magically chooses a random list of pages to display. This actually isn’t the case as  Google uses a algorithm to provide pages that are most relevant. This creates competition to rank at the top, as most people visit the highest ranked pages more often. This competition creates the need for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  companies like us. Somethings that a SEO Company will do for you are: Constant keyword research; Content creation; increasing a web page ranking in the search results; increased brand exposure. 

Why is SEO Important?

Over 90% of browsers homepages are search engines with 70% of  users clicking the top 5 search results . This results in millions of people each and everyday searching the web for services. By having your name constantly appear at the top gives you some credibility and creates branding for your business. This ends up resulting in more traffic and exposure for your business. 

Now, having this increased exposure may seem great but why would you care? Well if you planned on creating a business where would your storefront be? Would you set it up Downtown Kamloops or in your parents basement. Sure, your mom may make a great lasagna but the amount of traffic that your business will receive being Downtown will be far higher. Now, this traffic isn’t going to directly make you money but eventually, I bet this traffic will lead to new clients. This is why SEO has such a high business value.

What Makes Strong SEO?

Being located in Kamloops we take the social and geographical constructs of our region to optimize the SEO process. Creating a strong platform isn’t just a one time thing. It needs to be constantly maintained to keep up with the Google. This is achieved by: 

  • Constantly research/target new keywords to stay ahead of the competition
  • Create High Quality Content to keep your users engaged.
  • Maintain High Quality Website Structure.

This is just a short list of what SEO actually is, but following this structure allows us to create a strong platform for your company.

How We Do Kamloops Seo?

With any great SEO marketing strategy comes a strong SEO plan. By adhering to the steps below we are able to implement this for you:

UI / UX ( User Interface / Experience )

  • Overall Website Design
  • Menu structure and page layout
  • User actions and page flow

Technical Analysis

  • Coding Standards
  • Search Engine Placement
  • Page load speeds


  • Using Google Analytic Reports to follow social trends/patterns
  • Understanding traffic and visitors


SEO is one of the least understood aspects of great marketing and we see that as an opportunity. Click the link below to get your free side audit and get your websites pages to the top of the google search results

Seo Pricing

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*initial setup includes the tools used to to monitor your SEO progress*

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