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Adroit Technologies' Mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients leaving a lasting impression of professionalism and dependability: by providing software that adheres to world recognized best practices; by utilizing innovative techniques and technologies; by establishing, fostering and cultivating a close and unique relationship with each client; by ensuring client success through careful understanding of their business values, ideologies, goals and requirements; and by providing our products and services that are unique and fresh in the industry. We strive to provide local businesses with technologies to advance their company and excel their growth. We aspire to provide these services across Canada to businesses of all domains.

What is Adroit Technologies?


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Adroit Technologies (ATWS) is based in Kamloops, BC, providing web hosting, web design and web application development focusing on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS). We create distinct and feature rich web site designs along with providing dedicated internet hosting services. Adroit Technologies provides its full-service dedicated web hosting in Kamloops, BC.

With our fully managed solutions, we look after the entire process from start to finish, including registering your domain name, web site and web page design, web page hosting and we can also maintain your website if required.

Our Staff


At Adroit Technologies, we have on site graphic designers, technicians and web programmers that work together to deliver custom, professional web-based products and services for your company. Our staff has a wide range of professional experience working both with small companies and Fortune 500 companies. It is this varied experience that gives Adroit Technologies its edge in our competitive domain and we maximize our potential by ensuring that our staff has innovative tools and techniques available at their disposal. We encourage all of our employees to learn with each other and come up with unique and fresh ideas that help solidify our clients success--which in turns helps them personally succeed.

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